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Banitsa with Spinch

When I visited Bulgaria with my husband, I tried banitsa for the first time. It’s a traditional breakfast in Bulgaria. I have heard there are more than 50 versions of banitsa. It could be savoury or sweet. It could be meaty or vegetarian. However, the basic one is made from fillo pastry, feta and eggs. Normally, there are two ways of making it. The easiest way is to layer the fillo pastry and the filling. The alternative is to wrap the filling inside of the fillo and arrange the pastry in a circular pattern. Either way, the result is always good. The banitsa I had in Bulgaria was always very oily. It was way too much oil for my liking. Traditionally, it is made from butter which makes it so delicious. However, I am trying not to have too much butter at the moment. This time, I chose an olive oil only version with spinach and mint. I love the extra flavour from the spinach. Together with feta, it tastes so good. Also, I made it with …

Spinach feta dip with almonds and mint

This is the husband’s recipe. It has his name written all over it. It’s creamy, fresh, yummy and super easy to make. He made this last Saturday for a dinner party we had. Everyone loved it. I thought it would be a good idea to share here with my new friends. I asked him to recreate it last night and took some photos. The dip is great on toasts, crackers, or even  as a salad dressing.   INGREDIENTS Feta cheese – 100g Fresh spinach leaves – 125g Olive oil – 50g Almonds – 30g some dry mint or fresh mint Lemon juice – half lemon salt INSTRUCTIONS Rinse the spinach leaves and mint (if you use the fresh ones). Pat the leaves dry with paper towels. Put all the ingredients in a food processor. Now let the food processor do the work. Add salt to taste. Done and done! So easy and quick! 🙂

Spinach bacon muffin with feta

Lately, I started getting more and more interested in savoury muffins. A lot of experiments are going on in our kitchen. It’s very interesting to get to use whatever ingredients I have in the kitchen to make savoury muffins. They are very good for breakfast and afternoon snacks.  If I cook too many, I can just freeze them and leave to later. Maybe I am just getting lazy. It is a quick solution for breakfast though when you need to get up and go. We always have a pack of frozen spinach and feta cheese in the fridge. They are kind of like necessities in our kitchen. We never run out of the two ingredients. Then, I found some bacon and cured meat. I thought bacon would be more appropriate in this case. So, here is the easy peasy  recipe. Makes 12 INGREDIENTS  2 1/2 cups self-raising flour  1 pack of frozen cutted spinach (250g) 50g bacon, chopped finely 50g sun dried tomatoes, chopped finely 1 onion, chopped finely 130g feta, grated (not easy, do you …