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Hello, everyone! Hope you are all well. How was your holiday? I hope you had a wonderful time. On the other hand, if your holiday is still going, lucky you! 🙂 Mine is officially over. I am back to work today, and I will start doing more blogging from now on. I really miss you guys and this little space. I have quite a few things to share, some skin/body care products reviews, recipes, TV shows I loved during the holiday. But one at a time, Of course. We had a very busy holiday with friends and family. We had friends visiting from New Zealand. That was so sweet. We hadn’t seen each other for over five years. Nothing is better than reunion with good friends. Hopefully, we get to revisit New Zealand some time soon. It has been really hot this summer in Australia. Last weekend, it was 38 degree here. Crazy! The only thing we could think of was going to the beach and enjoy the water. Holiday also means a lot of cooking …

Happy New Year!

Last day of 2017! Time really flies. I would say I have had a good year. I am really grateful! All our family members and friends are healthy. I am so glad that my mom agreed to come for a visit this year. We spent a couple of months together. We also had trips to Tasmania and Fraser Island. I really treasure the time we spent together. I got a new job this year. The best part is the people I work with. They are all so helpful, supportive and nice. We had one of our best trips to Europe. I am still writing about it. More posts will be up on my blog for the next few weeks. For my blog, I reached 1000 followers this year. I am grateful for all your support and love! I wish all of you have a wonderful New Year, no matter where you are! Have a good time with your friends and family! Be safe! See you in 2018! xoxo Lots of love. Jen

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! As usual, we will enjoy some beach time  at this time of the year in Australia. Wish you have a great time to celebrate New Year 2017 with your friends and family! Have fun and be safe!. Love from Jen. xoxo