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Cinnamon Matcha pudding

I pretty much like everything with matcha, tea (of course!), ice cream, or pancakes. Matcha powder is fine powder made from green tea leaves. It has so many health benefits, boosting metabolism, burning calories and detoxifying. I normally get my matcha powder from our local tea shop. I love this cinnamon matcha powder. They also have turmeric…… Continue reading Cinnamon Matcha pudding

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Strawberry Pie with love :)

Hubby brought back some strawberries from the local fruit shop yesterday. They are so lovely. I can never resist the pink cute pretty fruit. Then, Tuesday was the Chinese Valentine’s day (Qi Xi). I totally forgot about it. Although he wouldn’t know anything about the Chinese Valentine’s day, I  still think I should give him…… Continue reading Strawberry Pie with love 🙂