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Pearl Meatballs (Glutinous Rice meatballs) |Zhen Zhu Wan Zi

The celebration of Chinese New Year was officially over last Saturday, which was the 15th day after the lunar New Year. As usual, we cooked a lot and ate a lot to celebrate the New Year. Apart from cooking, we attended the Year of The Rooster Concert in Brisbane to celebrate the occasion. It was a great…… Continue reading Pearl Meatballs (Glutinous Rice meatballs) |Zhen Zhu Wan Zi

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Sweet Red Bean Steamed Buns (Dou Sha Bao)

We all have our own way to remember the one we loved, the one we lost, the one we would like to spend more time with but no more chances. I pretty much grew up with my granny. My parents were both working. Granny was the one fed me, walked me to school, taught me things, and…… Continue reading Sweet Red Bean Steamed Buns (Dou Sha Bao)

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Savoury white sesame flatbread (Shaobing)

I am not 100% certain flatbread is the appropriate name for Shaobing because it’s not exactly flat and also has round shape. Anyway, it will do for now. It’s one of my favorite breakfast food when I was a kid. My mum made it quite often. It can be sweet or savoury, with filling or…… Continue reading Savoury white sesame flatbread (Shaobing)