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Scallion Pancakes (olive oil version)

I probably mentioned in my previous posts that my mom came here for a visit last month. Since she only can stay with us for two months, I must make the most of it during her stay. We did some travelling, Fraser Island, Tasmania (I will write about it once I get a chance) and…… Continue reading Scallion Pancakes (olive oil version)

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Cinnamon Matcha pudding

I pretty much like everything with matcha, tea (of course!), ice cream, or pancakes. Matcha powder is fine powder made from green tea leaves. It has so many health benefits, boosting metabolism, burning calories and detoxifying. I normally get my matcha powder from our local tea shop. I love this cinnamon matcha powder. They also have turmeric…… Continue reading Cinnamon Matcha pudding

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Guest post: Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Hey lovelies. Happy Friday! 🙂 Last week, my blogging friend, Karen from Nature Inspired Mom, had a guest post on my blog. She wrote about how to create an easy to maintain mini herb garden. You can find the post here. Karen writes about hiking, gardening and healthy living on her blog, Nature Inspired Mom. I am also…… Continue reading Guest post: Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

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Pearl Meatballs (Glutinous Rice meatballs) |Zhen Zhu Wan Zi

The celebration of Chinese New Year was officially over last Saturday, which was the 15th day after the lunar New Year. As usual, we cooked a lot and ate a lot to celebrate the New Year. Apart from cooking, we attended the Year of The Rooster Concert in Brisbane to celebrate the occasion. It was a great…… Continue reading Pearl Meatballs (Glutinous Rice meatballs) |Zhen Zhu Wan Zi