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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Hey lovely people, I hope you are all well. It has been a long time. My apologies for my absence. It has proven again that it has been the busiest year I have ever had since I started this blog. Hopefully, everything will go back to normal next year. I will get to share things here with you regularly. 

Christmas is only eight days away. Can you believe it?! Where did the time go? Just in the blink of an eye. I hope you are all ready for your Christmas and New Year holiday. 🙂

For this year I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to go shopping for gifts. So I made a gift list and did online purchase. Still, last week I realised that I forgot to prepare a couple of gifts. So here you go, my last minute gift ideas. 

Adopting a Dolphin. 🙂

Well. I didn’t mean that you need to adopt a real dolphin and bring it home. Only symbolically. Do you know you can go to Dolphin Research Australia website to become a Dolphin Guardian and receive an adoption package. You will get an Adoption Certificate and  a dolphin profile. It would be a cool gift for a kid if you did the adoption on her/his behalf. 


Subscription Gift

Headspace, Spotify, beauty box, wine subscription, you name it. If you know what he or she likes, I am sure there is a subscription gift for every type. Quick and easy!


Essential Oil Kit

I found more and more people started using essential oil, including myself. They are just so good for relaxation, purifying, uplifting and so on.  I got an Australian essential oil kit for my friend. I hope she will like it.


Hand Cream Set

If you have a friend like me, who cannot live without hand cream. This is the one. It’s a perfect gift for a hand cream junkie. 


Wellbeing and Beauty Kit

I have been taking Beauty Chef Glow powder for a while. It recognises the link between beautiful skin and healthy gut. Personally, I absolutely love it. That’s why I would consider an introductory kit as a good gift to any of my friends. Why wouldn’t I share the good things I love?


Body and Bath products

Normally, I will choose bath bombs as gifts. However, the Frank Body products are probably a better choice. You can give it to male or female friends. Also, not everyone like bath. But everyone can use a good body scrub. 


Hope you find the this post helpful. 

At last, I wish you a very Merry Christmas! 


With love!  

Jen xx



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