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About Health and Fitness

Hey lovelies, I hope you have had a fantastic week so far. Don’t know if you remember, I took a long break from blogging because I was not feeling well. It was nothing serious, but I didn’t feel I had the energy to keep up with everything. My energy level was very low. The first thing I did was to rebuild my exercise routine. It has been more than half a year. I can see the difference, and I certainly have more energy. It helps me to rewind and de-stress.

I am not an expert or professional re this topic. I just want to share some of my personal experience here with you.

Find the exercise you enjoy

I signed up a membership with a local fitness studio. It’s not a gym. I get bored easily with exercises, for example, jogging or cycling. I knew I would give up very quickly if I were not interested. My knees also don’t like me doing these kinds of exercise. The studio offers a good variety of classes, all sorts of Yoga classes, Pilates, Reformer and Barre class. I have been doing my best to attend 5-6 classes a week, which is about 4-5 days a week. I learned a lot. For instance, Yoga after a Reformer class is so relaxing. You get to stretch and comfort your muscles. I am really hooked on the Barre class. It’s fun, and I have noticed my legs are more toned. Talking about sexy legs…. 🙂 exercise-2727123_1280

Be mindful of what you eat

I really don’t like junk food. However, when you are busy, it’s almost inevitable to have some takeaway from time to time. I would order Sushi or salads instead of Burgers or curry rice (really hard not to!). I am not picky for food, but I definitely stay clear of deep-fried food. It’s not only bad for you health, but also for your skin. So be mindful what we put in our bodies. My rule for eating is a little bit of everything, but definitely not overeating.salad-498203_1280

The right mindset

This is about what you really want in terms of health and fitness. I always have few kilos to lose. However, it’s not my priority. In addition, I love real food too much. I don’t want meal replacements, diet tablets, or eat like a rabbit. After half of year exercises, I have definitely lost some belly fat and toned my flabby arms. I still enjoy real food and wine. I am more comfortable in my clothes. I have more me time. I enjoy my life more. I’m happier. So that’s me. sport-3690783_1920.jpg

Be aware of your stress level

Stress can cause so many health problems, overeating, insomnia, mood swing, and so on. Don’t ignore it and think it will go away. I think we shall all learn how to manage our stress level. Exercise is a good way to reduce the stress. You will have to focus on what you are doing in the class to avoid injury. That will pull your mind away from your work or your home duties. Doing exercises also gives us an opportunity to make new friends. A little bit of social life won’t harm. I found most of the class members are very supportive. stress-391657_1920

Not sure how much this post can help, but I hope it does maybe just a little bit.








  1. Great advice! It’s easy to forget that staying healthy and fit is a lengthy process that requires commitment and the right process. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Awesome post 😃 I myself have been feeling like this due to all the unhealthy eating during the holidays. But time to get back on track and reprogram that brain. 🧠 lol. What I felt helped me with low energy is juicing celery and adding a pinch of apple cider vinegar every morning after a week or 2 I felt a big difference you should give it a try 😃


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