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Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerate Serum | Review

I don’t think I have posted a review for the Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerate serum. I have almost finished the entire bottle. Guess it’s time to talk about it. Somehow I always like this brand. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to purchase their products in Australia, at least in Brisbane. This is an anti-ageing repairing serum. It claims that it will help to reduce winkles, improve firmness and restore the youth of your skin. Well, I don’t believe any products can really restore the youth of my skin. However, I am obsessed with clear and luminous skin which gives your skin a youthful look. That’s all I am asking for from an anti-ageing serum.


What they say about this product:

Rejuvenating serum to reduce visible signs of aging: fine lines – smoothing – firmness…oil-in-water dispersion system. Concentrated in extract of “Algae of Youth”, which delivers powerful hydrating capabilities that counter signs of aging, day after day. Fine lines appear smoothed, complexion is radiant, and facial skin contours feel tighter for a visible transformation.” Sounds pretty amazing to me.


Key Ingredients (from Biotherm website):

  • Alage of youth – Alaria Esculenta extract, rich in antioxidants. It reduces inflammaging, boosts age-damaged proteins elimination, repairs skin damage, and givs a firming effect.
  • Life Plankton – helps to revive the skin’s vital functions.


My experience:

  • Usage: After cleansing, I massage two drops of serum on my face and neck in the morning and at night.
  • Texture: light gel texture. Non greasy or sticky.
  • Scent: light citrus scent.
  • Packaging: a gorgeous ocean blue glass bottle with a dropper. One of my favourite packagings.
  • Price: AUD172/75ml. Definitely pricey.


The Verdict:

Clearly, it has powerful anti-ageing ingredients and formula. I love the how it feels when I apply the serum on my skin. The hydration level is impressive, and the product was absorbed quickly by my skin. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can see my skin is soft, smooth, hydrated and more radiant.

I really love the stunning blue bottle. It looks so pretty on my vanity or anywhere. Good product and beautiful packaging. I think I will purchase again next time when I come across this serum again.

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