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Day trip to Canberra

We had a day trip to Canberra a while ago. It was also my first time to visit the Australia capital (What took me so long?). Since it was just one day, we had to get up super early to catch the flight. But it was really worth the effort.


We booked our meeting in early morning which gave us about half of a day to wander around the city. Canberra is the largest inland city, and it was built to be the capital of Australia. I think that’s why most of the population in Canberra work in public service. The city was really neat and tidy. Since we were in Canberra, we had to visit the old and new Parliament Houses. Otherwise, how can we say that we have been to the capital? Unfortunately, there was not much action in the Parliament that day. All we saw was empty rooms and many other tourists like us. 😀

Save the best for last. Cartier had exhibition in the National Gallery of Australia around that time. We made our way to the gallery after lunch. Btw, the cafe, Bookplate, in the National Library of Australia was fantastic. I certainly enjoyed my Pulled Pork Tacos so very much. If you ever had a chance to visit the library, I highly recommend you to check it out.

Back to Cartier Exhibition, it was spectacular! When we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful creations. All we heard was ‘woo, wah, ah…’ . I couldn’t blame them. I totally understood the feeling. Every single piece was dazzling, intricate and breath-taking. Truly, it was extraordinary. Here are some photos I took at the exhibition. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in the gallery.

Although it was just one short day, we had very good time. I am so glad we had an opportunity to visit this beautiful city. We may be back soon for another visit. Who knows… 🙂



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