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How do I get a Good Night Sleep.

How many hours do you sleep every night? Have you noticed a good night sleep makes a quite big difference for the next day? Do you know a Koala sleeps up to 18-22 hours per day? Haha, sorry, the last question is irrelevant.

We all know good quality sleep means a lot to our daily life. It means a productive day at work. It means a much better mood. It means your body won’t be craving for sugar. It means a better skin day as well.

I have always been a light sleeper, and I have been struggling to have good rest at night. Along the way, I collected some tips to help me to have a good night sleep. I thought I share some of the useful tips here with you.

  • Improve sleep environment. Keep the bedroom cool and quiet.  Certainly, a noisy environment won’t help with sleep. Take time to choose a comfortable pillow and mattress. Trust me, choosing the right pillow and mattress for yourself could be quite a task.
  • Reading instead of watching TV or playing with your phone/tablets. I find reading actually helps me to fall asleep. Well, please avoid anything too exciting to read. Otherwise, you will just want to stay awake all night to finish the book.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar before bed time. It’s a hard one for me especially I enjoy a glass of wine at dinner table. However, I do have a rule that I won’t drink more than two glasses.
  • Drink tea that helps with sleep. It has been my secret weapon for a good night sleep. I highly recommend the Deep Sleep Tea in the photo. It literally makes me sleepy after 10-15 minutes. DSCF2217
  • Have some bedtime rituals to help to relax. I think it’s quite personal. Everyone has their own way to relax before bed time. Here are what works for me.  Lavender pillow spray is my favourite. It just calms me down. I will do some simple yoga stretches too. A warm bath would do the trick if I have time for the night.DSCF2215
  • Sleeping mask. I love sleeping mask. It blocks all the lights. It definitely helps. The steam sleeping mask in the photo is a good one. I even take it with me when I travel.DSCF2220

I hope these tips help. If you have a good one, please do share. So we all can have a good Zzzzzz time and enjoy our life more. 🙂





  1. I’m also a light sleeper so thank you for this! There were good tips! That I already knew it’s bad thing to use phone in evening but I can’t help myselves. It’s the best time to write or read with your phone or play something. So that’s the tough one!

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    • Thanks for stopping by. I hope it helps. Yeah, I know. Not using your smartphone is the hard one cuz it’s so convenient and handy.

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  2. These tips are actually very helpful, I always have trouble sleeping and I’ve just figured that it’s probably because I don’t do all of these points. I usually drink coffee and watch TV with hopes that I’ll fall asleep but it never happens😅😅

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  3. Great tips Jen. I often struggle to get off to sleep, but I find if I start thinking I might not be able to sleep then I generally can’t! I try not to overthink it and worry about sleeping and I find that works for me. I do some of the tips you mention but I’ll have to try those I’m not doing.

    Samantha x

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    • Thanks for sharing, Samantha. It happens to me too. Sometimes, I just worry that I can’t fall asleep. It makes it worse. These days, when I notice that I am worrying, I would just do a child’s pose in Yoga. I found it helps to calm my mind. It makes me sleepy too. 🙂

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