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Indian Summer – Varna

It was my third trip to Varna, Bulgaria. Somehow, I started liking this city more and more. Maybe it started feeling like home. I wanted to know a little bit more about this place each time.

It was in September. At this time of the year, the weather in Varna usually gets cold. However, we did have few days, sunny and warm, just like summer. They call it Indian summer or gypsy summer. I kinda like the name. DSCF0764

I can’t remember how many times we walked pass this beautiful cathedral, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. You just can’t miss it. Whenever we went to the city centre or meet some friends for coffee, we always walked pass it. Well, it is located in the centre of Varna.

It’s the second largest Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral in Bulgaria. It was built in 1880 based on the model of Peterhof Temple in Saint Petersburg, and it was officially opened to public in 1886. The domes were covered in copper tin, and it was renovated later in 2002. The cathedral’s name was chosen in the memory of the Russian Empress Maria Alexanrovna, a benefactress of Bulgaria. The interior is stunning.


Another place I quite like is the Roman Thermae (the Roman Baths of Odessos), an ancient Roman baths complex. It’s in the southeastern part of the city. It was just so amazing to see the ancient ruins with modern apartments surrounded it. I don’t mind living in a penthouse overlooking the ancient ruins. DSCF0760

The ruin is the biggest in Bulgaria. It was built in 2nd century AD. There was cold water, tepid water and hot water. The Romans, they really know how to enjoy a nice bath! It’s a big site, about 7000 square metres. The site was preserved well. It was not busy at all when we were there. Apart from us, there were about three to four visitors. It’s a very interesting place to see. If you ever visit Varna, I would recommend this site. DSCF0776DSCF0779DSCF0793DSCF0798

Varna is a very nice city with wide street, beautiful beaches and big marine park. In Summer, the beach is full of people. Water is warm and clear. Last but not least, the seafood is delicious. The simple mussel seafood soup I had was just heavenly.





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