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I think everyone heard about the story of Pompeii, more or less. I will not repeat here in details. In short, the Roman city Of Pompeii was buried by Mount Vesuvius’s volcanic ash, hot lava, and debris in A.D. 79. That’s also the reason that the ancient city is preserved so well, the street, the buildings, even bodies…


Pompeii was rediscovered in 1748. The city was very well developed before the volcano eruption. When visiting the archaeological site, we can see well preserved villas and houses. Stone streets are wide. The archaeologists discovered art, artefacts, household goods and so on, which proved Roman civilisation.


Pompeii was last place we visited in this trip. It was easy to travel from Sorrento to Pompeii. The train will take you to the site. The archaeological site is very big. It is impossible to visit every single street of the city in one trip. So we booked a walking tour. Everything is very well organised. When we arrived at Pompeii train station. The guide was waiting for us. She took us to the office and waited for the rest of the group. The guide showed us some important places. Then, she showed us some places worthy a visit on a map. I would recommend the tour if it’s your first visit. Remember to wear comfortable shoes. You will have to walk a lot. 🙂



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