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Sorrento, Italy

With two suitcases and backpacks, we decided to book a limo from Salerno. Sounds luxurious, right? Actually pretty economical in a way. To our surprise, the price was very reasonable, cheaper than a Taxi. There was no direct ferry or train. It saved us a lot of time and hassle. It was actually a very efficient way to get to Sorrento from Salerno.

The driver did show up 10 minutes later, but I guess it was acceptable. He spoke fluent English, and he is very knowledgeable. We chatted all the way to Sorrento. He told us quite a few interesting facts about the area. One particular thing is the mist. We had it on the day when we travelled around Almafi coast. We thought it was fog in the morning, but it lasted whole day. The second day was the same. He considered it was caused by pollution. They had been having it quite often recently.


We chose Sorrento to be our last base for this trip in Italy. It’s convenient to travel to Pompeii and Rome by train. The city is situated over the hills facing the Bay of Naples. The view was beautiful. We often walked down to admire the view after dinner. There were benches there. Most of the time, they were occupied by the people who wanted to enjoy the sunset. There was a path you can walk all the way down to the old fishing quarter, Marina Grande. You can book a fishing trip or just enjoy the fresh seafood.

Sorrento is quite a modern city and very crowded with tourists, very touristy. However, when I travel, sometimes I do desire place like Sorrento. It offers a good variety of accommodation and restaurants. You can book all kinds of trip to visit Alamfi coast, nearby villages and cities, fishing trips and so on. It was a good choice for us, especially we were about to leave soon. We needed to get some gifts for friends and families, souvenirs for ourselves. There were all sorts of shops there, ceramics, handmade jewellery box, painting, etc.

Oh, btw, we enjoyed the sweet shops a lot. 🙂







    • No, we didn’t have the time this trip. Hopefully, we get to go next time. It’s so beautiful, the Amalfi Coast. I love it!


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