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Happy Valentine’s day!

Love is in the air! Love is in the water, in every sip of your tea and coffee…


I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day! If you have a husband/wife/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend, I hope everyday is Valentine’s day to you both. Love is big and small. It’s everywhere, everything, a glass of water on your desk when you are busy working/studying, a hug or/and a kiss before you leave home to work, hold your hand before cross the street, fresh coffee when you wake up, bear hug when you feel down…

I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day! If you don’t have a partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife yet, I hope you won’t give up on love. Before the Mr/Mrs Right shows up at your door, love yourself, make yourself happy, be responsible for your own happiness! We all love you. 🙂


With lots of love!




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