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Alamfi, Italy

From Salerno you can take ferry or bus to travel around Alamfi coast. We went for the ferry. It was the best decision. The view was spectacular, so I highly recommend it.

Today’s Alamfi is a beautiful small town on the Alamfi coast, but super touristy, cafes, souvenirs shops, Gelato shops, restaurants and more and more shops. However, in the history, it has been a place with super maritime power. Its history can be traced back to 6th century. At some point, it had a population of more than 70,000. Unfortunately, a tsunami destroyed a big part of the city, and it has never been the same again.


Amalfi cathedral is located at the heart of Amalfi. It’s a Roman Catholic cathedral that is dedicated to Saint Andrew. The present cathedral was built in 13th century alongside the old one which was built in the 9th century.


Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Amalfi. His relics are kept in the cathedral crypt. The crypt is decorated with frescoes and sculptures. There is a bronze statue of St Andrew was sculpted by Michelangelo’s student.

The stairs from the crypt lead to the beautiful cathedral. I found one thing about Italy. Wherever you go, you will always find a beautiful cathedral. Sometimes, you think you have seen the most beautifully or lavishly decorated church or cathedral. However, the next one will surprise you and take your breath away. I don’t think I will never get tired of visiting and admiring these rich decorated cathedral in Italy.

Apart from the cathedral, the town is really small. 30-minutes is enough for us to walk up and down and explore a little bit. We tried the famous lemon liquor (not my cup of tea, though). At last, we just sat on a bench on the sea-side, enjoyed a Gelato and waited for our ferry. It was a perfect day!


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