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Australian Pure Micellar Water | Review

Remember I was disappointed by Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water because it stings my eyes when I remove my eye makeup. Recently I discovered a vegan brand. Discovered probably is not accurate in this case. We have been using their household cleaning products for a long time. I just didn’t know they have skin care products.

It’s an Australian owned company, called Natures Organics. The company committed to provide products with plant-based ingredients since 1950s. The founder was the first one in Australia to process and stabilise Aloe Vera gel. You know the green gel helps to relieve your sunburn or insect bits.

I saw it one day in the supermarket. So why not try? When I researched the product information on their website, I noticed they have a Material Safety Data Sheet for every single one of their products. How good is that?! Compare to some big companies that you can’t even find what basic ingredients in their products on their website. Anyway, move on.


What they say about this product:

“enriched with native Australian Kakadu Plum extract and Cucumber extracts to cleanse and remove make-up. The natural formulation is sensitive and suitable for most skin types whilst being free from fragrance. Paraben Free. Alcohol & sulphate free. 98% Nature sourced, vegan and cruelty free. “

Key Ingredients:

  • Kakadu plum extract
  • Cucumber extract


My experience:

  • Usage: Soak 2 or more cotton pads with the water. Wipe my face and eyes with the cotton pads to remove makeup.
  • Scent: I can definitely smell a light scent of cucumber from the bottle. There is not much scent on the soaked cotton pad. It’s a non-synthetic fragrance product.
  • Packaging: comes in a 100% recyclable bottle.
  • Price: AUD 4.50/125ml

The Verdict:

It’s a very affordable micellar water with good performance. It removes makeup and eye makeup effortlessly (see the photos above).  It does not dry my skin afterwards or sting my eyes. I think that’s all I need and want from a simple micellar water.

It’s also vegan. I will repurchase for sure.



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