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Comfy bed ideas

I am a bit speechless about the weather now. We are in the middle of a summer here in Australia. It’s supposed to be hot and sunny. Remember I was saying it was so hot in my post on Wednesday. Now it has been raining for two days. The temperature dropped almost 10 degrees. All of a sudden, I get that feeling that winter is on the way.

For me, the best time in winter is staying in my comfortable and warm bed with jersey bed linen. I so much love them. I still remember the time I discovered the jersey sheets. I’m like…I would never use any other sheets on my bed in winter again. The normal sheet can be really cold. It just makes the sleeping time so painful. A good jersey sheet is made from nice cotton. It’s very soft. So you can have a better night sleep.

I used to love wool mattress pads when I was in New Zealand. Now winter in Brisbane is not that cold. I haven’t had a chance to use it again. We all know New Zealand and Australia have some best of the wool in the world. Laying the wool mattress pads under your sheet. It keeps you warm all night long. Also, the extra layer makes the bed super soft. Feels like sleeping in a cloud.


Knit blanket is another essential for me in winter. My mom made me one years ago, and I still have it with me. It’s not only cosy and warm but also a great idea to bring some bright colour and  dimension to your bedroom. It will make the bed more inviting. Speaking of which, it’s a good DIY project as well if you like knitting. Imagining having you morning coffee in bed and wrapped around by the knit blanket. 🙂

One last thing is that I always layer our winter bed with different materials. There are so many choices, velvet duvet cover, quilt, faux fur blanket, wool throws and so on. You can always mix and match with different colour and pattern, be bold, be romantic, be anything you like. If I run out of idea, I would like to get online to find some inspiration. Intagram and Pinterest are always good places to check out new ideas. On the other hand, if you look for some professional advice or even interior designers, you can check out HavenlyHouzz or some other professional designers website.

What’s your idea of a warm winter bed? Leave comments below.



  1. I love to texture my beds as well. I am personally a huge fan of flannel sheets in the winter. And my bed has the quilts I made keeping it cozy. I actually made one fo those chunky blankets as well, only I crochet mine, cause so far knitting is outside the scoop of my powers.

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    • Wow, you must be very good. I always want to make a chunky blanket myself. They look really good. So far I am still learning how to knit. Thanks for stopping by, hon. Have a lovely weekend! x

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  2. In Dallas today it’s very chilly! I remember my first jersey sheets 👻. Stay warm – we stayed in and worked on rebranding and redesigning our primary site, much easier than chilly temps 🙂


  3. Love this post Jen, as soon as I read the word bed I was all ears and eyes. My bedroom is my favourite room and I spend a lot of time decorating it and finding the perfect sheets, pillows and accessories. I still need a knit blanket though ☺

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