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Syracuse, Sicily – Day 2

After a good night sleep, we were ready to go and explore. Syracuse has plenty to offer, places to see, things to do, shops to shop, and yummy food to eat. Since we wanted to be based in Syracuse when we were in Sicily, it’s always a good idea to get familiar with the place.  🙂

After breakfast, we walked to Castello Maniace which was built in the 13th century by Frederick II. It is at the far end of the Ortygia.


The castle was a royal residence initially.  After Frederick II, it was used as a prison for half century. Later on, it was turned to be a fortress and restructured for military use to defend the harbour.

The castle was named after General George Maniakes who conquered Sicily from Arabs in 1038.  Unfortunately, some parts of the castle were under construction during our visit. We couldn’t see the whole thing. However, we still can see its marble portal entrance and baroque style architecture, and the beautiful view from the castle.

If you stay at Syracuse, there is no way you can miss Piazza del Duomo. We walked pass it every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. I have never got tired of it.


It’s the centre of the city. There are always a lot of people there day and night, tourist, models doing photo shoot, kids running around… There are quite a few coffee shops/restaurants there as well. I love sitting in one of the coffee shops, and enjoy a drink, an ice cream, or a cake. The weather was lovely always. It’s heaven. 🙂

The beautiful Siracusa Cathedral (Duomo di Siracusa)  is located right there at the Duomo Square. It was built by Bishop Zosimo in the 7th century on top of a Greek temple. We still can see the columns inside of the cathedral. The architecture is beautiful. The facade of the cathedral is a Sicilian-Baroque composition. I can’t remember how many times we stopped to admire the beautiful work whenever we walked pass the Duomo.

I think I can never stop walking around the city and its narrow streets. We always found something beautiful in every turn. What can I say? It’s just pleasing to the eye.

At the end, we can’t miss the beautiful water, and of course the sunset. 🙂


    • Oh, that’s wonderful. It’s such a beautiful place! I’m glad the photos helped. 🙂
      Merry Christmas 🎄!


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