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Syracuse, Sicily – Day 1

Finally, I have to talk about Syracuse. Somehow it holds such a special place in my heart. Maybe I had had so many different versions of it in my imaginary world. Maybe I had been looking forward to it for too long …We arrived in Syracuse, Sicily, in an afternoon. The taxi driver dropped us off at the back of the building where we rented our apartment. “Here we are.” I told myself. “Finally!”

The apartment we booked was in Ortigia. It was right at the water front with a tiny little balcony. The little balcony was just big enough for two chairs. Still, we appreciated it so much that we enjoyed every sunset there with a glass of Sicily wine. It was such a magical place.


The famous Fonte Aretusa was very close to our apartment. The myth behind it is beautiful Nymph Arethusa was trying to escape from the love of Alpheus. Goddess Diana turned her into a spring. Then, Alpheus transformed himself into t a river to join together with the spring forever with Arethusa. The plant in this fresh water spring is Papyrus, which is very rare in Europe.


On the first day of our arrival, when were looking to buy a sim card, we walked pass the Temple of Apollo many times because it was right at the centre of Ortigia. It is the oldest Doric temple in Sicily. It was built by Greek colonists.

Surely we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the local market to get some fresh produce. We bought fresh tomatoes, olive oil, preserved capers, lemon flower honey, 1.5 kg persimmons and more. Normally, we are not big for persimmons. However, these little persimmons were so sweet and soft. We just couldn’t stop eating it.

To be continued.



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