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Hair Care When Travel

Hey lovelies, how are you doing? I hope all are well.

Let’s talk about hair care today. When we travel, our body is stressed. We don’t always have the product we use daily. We don’t always get a relaxed travel experience. Our body reacts to the changes. Use my recent trip as an example, when we left Australia, it was Spring. We landed in Larnaca at the end of the summer. The temperature was over 30 degree. A week later, we experienced dramatic weather in Varna, Bulgaria. The temperature went from 15ºc to 28ºC. I could only imagine how my body felt confused.

So here are some of my ways of taking care of hair when travel or season changes.

Wash hair less often

I was trying my best to reduce my washing for hair on the trip. Although I didn’t take any dry shampoo with me, I was washing my hair probably 2-3 time a week during the travel time. I also took my favourite hair brush. I love a good hair brush. It gives a good healthy shine and volume to my hair. img_0588

Use hair mask regularly 

I took one of my favourite hair masks with me during this trip, Shieseido hair mask. It helps with UV damage and weather changes. It’s especially good for dry hair. I always find it gives my hair a healthy shine even just after one wash. I used it every week religiously.  When I ran out the mask towards the end, I used olive oil instead. It was super good too.


Protect hair from blow dry

Given the busy schedule, I had to blow dry my hair almost every single day, especially in the cold days. It was not an option for me to go out with wet hair in a cold weather. I will get sick easily. So my poor dry hair suffered a lot from blow dry. To prevent any frizzy hair, I used the Kiehl’s oil-infused leave-in concentrate before drying my hair. I had full review about it, you can find it here. It was so very helpful to keep the frizz at bay.


Here are some more tips from It’s very kind of them to send me these hair care tips infographics to share with you on my blog. Thank you, eSalon!



I hope you find these tips very helpful. If you have some good tips, I would love to hear from you. Leave comments below. Please share! 🙂



  1. LivingOutLoud says

    Thanks for the tips, Jen. These are great! I recently started washing my hair less. I used to have to wash it frequently because I was a swimmer, but now I am learning what I can and cannot do and what works best for my hair type.

    ❤ Alana

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    • Glad you like it. It’s great you are learning to take care your hair better. I used to wash my hair everyday. Now I’m trying not to, I think it helps. Thanks for stopping by, Alana. 😘😘

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