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Tropea, Italy

Hello everyone! Greetings from someone is back to work but still dreaming about travel in Italy. 🙂 I hope you have had a great weekend! I thought about what to share today of my trip. I realised that I can’t wait to tell you about Tropea. Although it was a really short stay, it’s truly one of the highlights on this trip. I have decided not to follow the order of our trip, just a different approach. Anyway, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Tropea was our first stop after we left Sicily (don’t worry, I will have posts about Sicily in no time!). We booked the accommodation months ago. I don’t recall why we chose this penthouse apartment. After we dragged our suitcases through the stone streets and many levels of the building (there was no lift), the property manager opened the apartment door for us. His behaviour puzzled me for a second. He went straight to the balcony and open the glass door for us. Most of the owners would show us where the bathroom is, where the kitchen is, what the WiFi password is, etc. This guy just went to the balcony straight away. Well, we followed….Oh… my word! This is why! 😉DSCF1431DSCF1433

Tropea is a popular holiday destination for Italians because of the beautiful beaches. It is situated on the Costa Bella, facing the Tyrrhennian Sea.  It was already October, but the water is crystal clear, beautiful and warm enough to have a swim. We arrived after lunch time. There was no time to waste. We dug out our swimming suits and ran to the beach.  DSCF1479

Apart from its beautiful beaches, Tropea also has long history traced back to Roman times. Unfortunately, during our too short stay, we only got the time to have a quick stroll of the small alleys through the town. The city is built on top of coastal cliffs. It’s so amazing and dramatic. I just hope we have booked more nights in this charming little town.

A little story here for you. We heard that Tropea has the best red sweet onion in Italy. Someone even invented Onion Gelato. Although it’s really beyond my imagination to have onion flavoured Gelato, being the curious and silly tourists, we decided to give it a try. So we popped in a sweet shop, we asked for the Onion Gelato. The lady owner laughed at us and said “We only sell really Gelato. You will love it, lemon, pistachio and many other flavours. Onion is for salad and cooking. If you want the onion Gelato, you need to go to the shops for tourists only.” She turned around and walked away from us. We walked out the shop, looked at each other and giggled. Oh, how much we love Italians’ true honesty. At the end of the day, when we decided to watch the sunset at our balcony, we went back to the very same sweet shop and bought some desserts. She was so happy to see us back. She let us sampled her dessert and so many different types of Gelato. She told us the stories about different desserts. I simply love her passion and pride. We had a good hearty laugh. Another beautiful memory from this trip! 🙂DSCF1507DSCF1531

I hope you enjoy this post! xx





  1. GlobeTrotters: A Pig's Tale says

    Never heard of Tropea but will definitely be looking into it next time we’re in Italy. Thanks for sharing Jen!

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    • Yeah, it’s very nice. I can stay there for a week or even a month. Going to the beach every single day. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Alifya. xx


  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Jen. Fabulous post. Italy is my favourite place on the planet. But I haven’t yet been to Tropea. Shall be adding it to my list! My husband and I have two weeks on the Amalfi Coast next July. Can’t wait!

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    • Thanks, Tracey. I love Italy, and I love Tropea! 🙂 It’s a small town, but it’s gorgeous. Two weeks on Almalfi Coast will be a fantastic trip! I am sure you will have a wonderful time there. xx

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