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It’s not OK!

Hey guys, I hope you have had a good week! I scheduled a post for today, but I decided to put something else here. I just want to get it off my chest. I will keep it short.

The story started on Monday. Same as you, I have followed many bloggers. I get email notifications when they update their blogs. On Monday, I got a notification email. I didn’t have time to read the post through the day. At night, after I read her post, I started looking at blogs on WordPress. I came across a beauty blog. The blogger had exact same post, same title, same photo and same words of the post I just read. At the beginning, I thought it was just reblogging. However, I couldn’t find the original blogger’s name anywhere in the post. It didn’t mention about the source either.


I’m still quite new to the blogging world. However, I do know bloggers put effort and time to publish each post. If you want to reblog, I am sure most of the bloggers will be happy to let you. It is really not OK to take someone else’ work and pretend it’s yours!


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  1. Do people seriously do this? That’s (quite literally – intellectual property is a thing) stealing and just a really shitty thing to do. I love people reblogging but just TAKING content? Not cool at all x

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  2. This is wrong, so wrong. I mean, if someone takes an excerpt, a couple of lines, or even a paragraph, it’s still fine because sometimes you do get inspired by someone else’s words but copying an entire post? That’s just blatant plagiarism. It happens to a lot of bloggers, not only the new ones but also to the ones having thousands of followers, it’s just so sad.

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  3. I can’t believe that happened to someone! Blogging is hard work and takes so much dedication, hence taking credit/stealing someone’s work is unacceptable. We must make sure that these people are reported/called out! x

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  4. One woman had her original artwork stolen and the thief actually put her own name on the woman’s painting. What a horrible thing to do…steal someone else’s work. Terrible. Boycott thieves, that’s for sure.

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  5. Many years ago I used to blog on a very wellknown spiritual web site in India on and off . So I happened to check my blog by chance once and found one of my article there being republished by a user on tbe same site as his own . For a while I wondered what to do and then decided to report the matter to the admin . Thankfully they took action on time to block the user and also sent an apology letter. So it was good I chanced upon it and took action .

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