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China Travel Bucket List

Travel, travel and more travel. That’s all I want in my life at the moment. However, the reality is I can’t really have it all. How disappointing! But I can certainly make a list of places I want to go. Get ready and wait for the opportunity to present itself.

If you don’t know, I am originally from China. Although I had my fair share of travelling in China, there are still so many places I haven’t had the chance to visit. Here is my China travel bucket list at the moment.

I have travelled to some places, like Shanghai (上海), Beijing (北京), Guangzhou (广州), Hangzhou(杭州),Suzhou (苏州), Si Chuan (四川), Fenghuang, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) The Terracotta Army, Xi An, and so on. Therefore, these places won’t be on my list anymore.

  1. Potala Palace in Tibet – Tibet has been on my list for as long as I can remember. I still haven’t had the chance to go. It needs a lot of preparation. Although I had done solo travel in China. I am a little bit scared to travel alone there. I am fascinated by the stories I read when I was kid and all the controversial news I heard from all sorts of social media recent years. I want to see this place with my own eyes. Then, organising a trip to Tibet with family and friends is not very easy. I can only imagine until I actually set my foot in this land. tibet
  2. Qinghai – If I ever have the chance to go to Tibet, I will go through Qinghai province. The Qinghai Lake, Kunlun Mountains and Monasteies are must see. I want to see thangka. I have seen some in shops of course. It will be amazing to learn how they make it. What makes it so precious and amazing. qinghai
  3. Guizhou  – Look at the photo. Tell me you don’t want to go? 🙂 Apparently, there are about 12 hectares verbena garden in northern Guizhou. Apart from the huge flower garden. The Huangguoshu waterfall is certainly worth a visit. It’s one of the largest waterfall in China and East Asia. It’s about 101m wide and 77.8, according to Wikipedia. Guizhou Tongzi
  4. Li River/Lijiang – I assume a lot of people have heard about Li River, 83km long river.  A river cruise and a bamboo ride would be quite an experience! lijiang
  5. Da Li – an old town in Yunnan province. It’s charming because of its long history, ancient buildings, temples and beautiful Erhai Lake. I can’t wait to have a road trip along the Nujiang River Grand Canyon. Dali
  6. Harbin Ice Festival – I used to think Harbin is the coldest places in the planet when I was a little kid. Silly, eh? Of course, I know better now. Harbin is the northernmost province in China. One of my school mates in uni is from there. He used to tell us the story about how he layered his clothes when he had to go out in the winter. They have the Ice Festival every year. Judging by the photos I have seen, it’s truly a wonderland with all the ice sculptures and lights. harbin
  7. Sanya – Hainan is one of the place I want to visit in southern china. Sanya is a resort city in Hainan. Although I really like beaches, I have never visited Hainan. There are golden sand beaches and fancy resorts there. I am rather curious about this place. sanya

Probably enough for now. There will be more. I am sure of it. Do you have a China travel bucket list? Care to share? Let me know in the comments below.



**All the photos are from Pixabay.


  1. I admire people who have the freedom and bravery to travel these days. My friend’s son and daughter in law just came back from France. That seems so far away from the USA, but I hear they had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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    • Thank you for stopping by. Travel is wonderful. I would love another opportunity to go to France. It’s such a beautiful country.

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  2. Laagan Girl says

    One of the countries I really really want to visit is China. I have always been fascinated of its culture. 😊

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    • It’s a beautiful country, and it has a lot to offer. I hope you get opportunities to visit one day. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. xx

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  3. Stunning pictures and fascinating details. 2 questions since I didn’t know much.

    1) What’s so controversial about the Potala Palace.

    2) Guizhou the flower place one, if I am writing the spelling correctly, what’s the best season to visit it.

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    • Wow, you have been to the ice festival. So cool. I really wanna go. Must be amazing!
      I was born in China. So I had opportunities to visit some places when I was there. Thanks for stopping by. xx

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  4. This is an interesting read – especially since the places you picked are out of the mainstream. I have friends who have visited Harbin and simply loved it…it’s definitely on my bucket list too!


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    • Thanks, Alysta. Glad you like the post. I definitely want to visit Harbin. I have heard it’s a very nice place. 🙂


  5. David Robertson says

    Nice list. I currently live and work in Harbin, just starting to get to the frozen time of year. The ice festival is mind blowing and the city itself in winter is quite unique, ice sculptures around the city as well as iceskating your way around the streets!

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    • Wow, it really sounds amazing! Lucky you. I know it’s really cold there in winter. But you don’t get to see ice sculptures very often. Hopefully I get to go there one day. Thanks for stopping by. 😊

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  6. Love your travel list – so many amazing places! I’d also love to visit Tibet and Qinghai, apparently they’re such incredible places. I spend a few weeks in Yunnan province this summer and would highly recommend Dali (as well as nearby Lijiang ancient city and hiking to Tiger Leaping Gorge). I loved it! The Li River near Guilin/ Yangshuo is also beautiful (although becoming rather overly touristy in places – head to one of the nearby villages such as Xingping for a quieter, more authentic experience). I spent a year studying in Harbin and can confirm the Ice Festival is spectacular – although absolutely freezing! You’ll need a couple of days to see the three ice festival sites and explore the city 🙂

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  7. clairehillsmith says

    Great post! I also have a China bucket list, but it is unrefined. Basically, the Great Wall, Chengdu to see the pandas, emeishan, Harbin ice festival Guilin / Guizhou and Sanya, the same as you and also Yantai, Weihai and Qingdao 🙂

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    • Happy New Year! There are a lot of places to see in China. I’ve been to the Great Wall so many times. Its definitely worth seeing. I like Qingdao too. Oh, I love Chengdu. It’s beautiful and very special. You are gonna love it if you like spicy food. 😁

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