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Healthy Living Tips

Hello, lovely people. I hope you all are doing very well.

Sorry that I couldn’t post on Monday. We were away for the day. It was a last-minute decision. I probably mentioned that life has been hectic lately, but I am not complaining. All good things are happening around me, family and friends. I am really grateful.

I do get stressed out from time to time. I think it’s only normal. Anyway, let’s get on with it. I want to share some healthy living tips. Again, I am not an expert. Just my personal experience to share with you guys here. Hope you find the tips are tiny bit helpful. xx


  1. Portion control. When I stress out, I intend to eat more than I really need which certainly leads to gaining weight. I try my best to keep that in mind to make sure I don’t eat more than necessary .
  2. Eat healthy fresh cooked food.  When you are busy, I know you feel you have no time to cook. It’s really not necessary true. It doesn’t take much time to make a colourful fresh salad with quinoa. I am sure it’s much healthier than a burger and milkshake. I also would recommend slow cooker. It will do the job for you. There is always more than one way to have fresh cooked food. DSCF8571
  3. Don’t skip breakfast. My most important meal of the day. I don’t think I can ever start a day without some breakfast in my stomach.
  4. Eat on time. Skipping lunch or having late lunch used to be normal to me until I started having issues with my stomach. I really learned that lesson in a hard way.
  5. Prepare your lunch. Sometimes I am just to lazy to prepare my lunch in the morning or the night before. When I go out for lunch, I always eat too much and too rich. Prepare a simple sandwich is not that hard and time-consuming. Then, threw some fruits in your lunch bag.
  6. Drink enough water. Our brain cannot function well when we are dehydrated. No matter what, there is no excuse for not drinking enough water.  Also, drink water in stead of fizzy drinks or energy drinks.
  7. Having dinner with your family on the dinning table, not in front of TV. I always enjoy a good conversation at dinner table. We have the time to talk, communicate and enjoy the food.
  8. Less alcohol. No matter you like wine, beer or bourbon, alcohol has sugar. I love a glass of wine myself. Just take it easy, don’t start from one glass of wine and end up with a bottle, eh? 😉
  9. 7 minutes exercises. Not enough time to go to the gym? There are plenty of apps that can help us to do some exercises at home.
  10. Rest well.  I think there is no need to explain this one. We all need to recharge. Enough sleep allows our body recover from whatever stress we had for the day. So we can function well the next day, the next day and the next day….IMG_7308
  11. Walk more. I like to walk. However, there are not many places within a walking distance. We have to drive to pretty much everywhere. I always try to park a little bit far away from the entrance to just have a chance to walk a little. Every step counts, right?
  12. Do some stretches when you are sitting too long and tired. This one I learned from my physiotherapist. Stretches actually are very good for our body. They release muscle stress, improve flexibility and increase circulation.
  13. Use a small cup to drink water in the office. I am embracing this idea. I have to get up more often to get my cup of tea or water.
  14. Laugh more. Nothing is better than a good hearty laugh. It boots immunity, changes mood and brings joy! How good is that!
  15. Talk and hug your pet. That sounds a little bit weird. I know. If it really works for you, who cares ? 😉
  16. Unwind, music, music and music. Sometimes, I feel I can’t relax after a long day. My mind just wouldn’t stop thinking, like a turmoil. Music is definitely my way to go. Unwind, unwind and unwind.

I hope you like the post. Talk soon. xx



    • Thank you, Elena. Yeah, agree! Cooking our food also gives us control what ingredients we put in our food. Thanks for stopping by. xx

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  1. Darren says

    Thanks for the great information. Really like the ideas on ensuring your are stretching and moving. So many of us sit in front of a computer all day long.

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