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My favourite red lipsticks

Happy Monday, lovelies! I know, I know. Monday is not always the happiest day of the week. So let’s talk about something that can cheer up the mood a bit. I am thinking red lipsticks. 🙂

I was reorganising my makeup drawer during the weekend. You know the drill. Some must go, and some can stay. We should always do a regular clean-up of our makeup/skincare drawers because you don’t want to use expired products on your skin. They will only do more harm than good.  Here are my favourite red lipsticks.


1.Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick – 132 Caprice

This one is reasonable new. I got it about three weeks ago. Very hydrating, pigmented, creamy and long lasting. I love the texture on my dry lips. The colour is a gorgeous blue toned red with a satin finish. Love the packaging too.

2. Nars Velvet Lip Glide – Le Palace

I have done a review about this one. You can find it here. Very light texture, non-sticky and smooth. The colour payoff is super good. It has a shiny finish and will leave a pretty stain after few hours. The colour is a classic red with slightly cool undertone.

3. Christian Dior Rouge Dior – 999

How should I describe this one? Nothing is more classic than this one. It’s my first favourite red lipstick. The colour looks blue toned in the tube. However, when I apply it on my lips, it’s like a bright neutral red, not too orange or too blue. The texture is creamy and non-drying. I think it’s more like satin finish, not too glossy. I always put this one on at New Year’s Eve.

4. Stila Color Balm Lipstick – Natasha

First of all, I love Stila Color balm, creamy and pigmented. I have at least three colours. The lipstick contains peppermint. I think you either love it or hate it. I certainly love it, especially for summer. Natasha is a blue toned dark red, but not too dark though. It brightens up the whole face whenever I put it on. The packaging has a little mirror on top. Very handy. The finish is quite glossy since it’s a lip balm as well.

5. Models Prefer Infinite Colour Lipstick -Scarlet Hussy

This one actually will have to go after I publish this post. I am pretty sure I have had it for more than three years. I probably will get a new one when I stop at Priceline next time. It’s long wearing with matte finish. Their packaging is quite smart. The lipstick colour matches its packaging colour. It’s a warm toned red. The texture is smooth to apply. It doesn’t dry my lips.

6. Estee Lauder  Pure Color Envy – 340 Envious

This one is described as a warm undertone bright poppy red. Somehow, it looks a bit cool toned on my lips. It’s soft and smooth when applying on the lips with a satin finish. The colour payoff is great. It’s long lasting and hydrating at the same time.

Here are all the swatches. I hope you enjoy the post. What is your favourite red lipstick?  Let me know in the comments. xx



  1. So interesting to see what red lipsticks other people love. It’s interesting that the ones you go for are all kind of hydrating but I only ever go for extremely matte red lips haha. Loved reading this x

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    • Thank you for stopping by. Yeah, I got dry lips. Matte lipsticks can drive me crazy. So normally I go for the hydrating one. 😘😘

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  2. tyna2299 says

    Gorgeous pictures! Such informative post too 🙂
    Especially love the Stila one 🙂
    I also made a top 5 £1 lipsticks, would appreciate some reviews x

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  3. Your favorite red lipsticks are lovely. I personally cannot go out of the house without lipstick or lip tint on. I think I can go out without my eyebrows done but not without any lip color!

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