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Life is not perfect. It will never be. In my opinion, that’s probably the beauty of our lives. Because of that, we will do our best to create numerous perfect moments through our lives to make ourselves and our loved ones happy.  I guess it comes in many versions, a homemade dinner, an event with a favourite football player (one of our friends got that as a birthday gift from his wife.), a yoga retreat, a romantic dinner, an island holiday, a weekend gateway. You name it.


We have been very busy lately, home renovation and work. Finally, we decided to take a day off and spend the night at Maleny. It’s a small town not far from Brisbane, about 90km away. I have heard about it. It’s so popular that it felt like everyone has been there at least once.


We left in the afternoon on Friday and headed to north. We arrived around 6pm at the B&B we booked. Maleny is much colder than Brisbane because it’s about 450 metres above sea level. However, we finally got a little bit of taste of real winter. The views were beautiful. We had to stop few times so that I could take photos.


It’s such a teeny tiny town. It will only take you 20 – 25 minutes to walk up and down on the main street. From what I heard, Maleny was a timber town. Then, their dairy and fruit industry took over. These days, everyone knows about its “hipper/greenie culture”. There are so many craft shops, antique shops, coffee shops and cheese shops (of course!) there. They have this Maleny Village Artisan Market, you can try different street food. They have succulents everywhere in the market. Then, the cheese shop was my favourite! Can’t leave without taking some yummy cheese home. 🙂

We stopped at the Maleny botanic garden on the way back. It was quite big, about 14 acres.  It was such a nice sunny day. There was a clear view of the Glass House Mountains from the garden. We should have packed some food for a picnic. It would be a perfect place for a lazy picnic and to enjoy the sun.

Their Aviary has all sorts of birds. When we were waiting to buy the tickets, the parrot said “hello” to everyone. He/She occasionally sang a little bit of opera to entertain us. It was hilarious. I was trying to take some close shots. It seems he/she knew and got super excited. It wouldn’t stand still. At the end, this is the only clear photo I got. DSCF9279

At last, just want to mention the B&B we stayed. You know I love B&B. I did have some bad experience with one of the B&Bs during the trip to Hobart. However, that can’t stop me from trying new ones. 🙂 It was a boutique B&B located right in the town centre with a colonial-style building. The room was furnished and decorated with antiques. The lady, not sure if she is the owner, was super friendly and helpful. In the morning, we had cooked breakfast. There is actually a menu for you to choose from. One of the best B&Bs I stayed over the years.

That’s a wrap. It was a really short trip. Just something different for a change, but it was perfect. The weather, the accommodation, the food, the shops, the birds, the garden. 🙂



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