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Kao Steam Eye Mask | Review

Hey guys, happy Friday! Another week is gone. Can you believe it’s already June!

I found this newly opened Japanese shop when I was doing my grocery shopping last week. Of course, I had to pick up few things. This box of  Kao steam eye mask was one of them.


I had heard about it before, and I was very curious. Kao says the mask warms up gradually to  40°C once it’s taken out of the pouch. Steam is produced by the heat. Ear straps are attached to the eye mask on both side. There are options of unscented and scented eye masks (lavender-sage, rose, fresh rose, Yuzu aroma, and chamomile-ginger). It says it can relieve tired eyes.


I purchased the one without scent. It was AUD 20 for one box which contains 14 individual packed eye masks. I am sure it’s much cheaper in Japan. The eye mask is disposable.

If you don’t mind the scent, I think the lavender-sage could be very relaxing. It also mentions that all the scent is made from natural essential oils blend on their website.

I tried one at night when I went to bed. I removed the mask from the pouch. The whole mask is made from cotton. Very soft and gentle on the eyes. The mask warmed up gradually. I have to admit it was very pleasant. The mask stayed warm up to 10 minutes, give or take. Imagine, in a winter night, you go to bed after a long day and put this on your eyes. It warms up and helps you to drift into sleep. Heaven!

About the steam part, I certainly feel the moisture around my eyes especially at the end. I think it’s good if you have dry skin around your eyes.

The only concern for me is that it definitely rubs off some of my eye cream.

The Verdict:

I will repurchase for sure.

I keep it next to my bed at the moment. I use it whenever I have trouble falling asleep or just want to relax a bit. I actually asked my husband to try it. He loved it! That’s a bonus! 🙂

I am glad I found this mask. It was definitely a good buy. I will definitely bring it with me for a long-haul flight. It will certainly help me to relax and probably get a little bit more sleep on a flight.





  1. RevolutionaryRoads says

    I got these from a friend who travelled to Asia 😊 I really like to use it from time to time to relax!

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  2. Nabila Shaikh says

    Hey Jen, I was really looking forward for your review after seeing a picture of this product on Instagram. Well, reading this review is itself giving me that cozy feeling, I lack sleep often. I should definitely buy this one, hope it’s available in India. Even if it’s not I would try and get it somehow😂, Do you have any idea about other brands which sell similar product, and how about sensitive skin? Hope it won’t react. Loved reading this post👍

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    • Thank you for reading the review. I hope it’s helpful. I also hope you can get it in India or probably online. I don’t have sensitive skin. So I wouldn’t know. However, I heard it’s all right for sensitive skin especially for the one without scent. I haven’t heard any other products similar to this one. I will keep it in mind and let you know if I find something similar. 🙂
      Have a great weekend! xx

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