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Launceston & Sheffield, Tasmania

This is the last post of our trip to Tasmania. I know I am taking my sweet time to write these travel posts. Please forgive me for that. I really love doing it slowly. It’s like I relive the trip and the good time I spent with my mother. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bay of Fire

After a good rest at Bicheno, we left the beautiful town in the early morning and headed to Bay of Fire. (If you haven’t seen my post of Bicheno, you can check itย here). It was about 90 minutes drive from Bicheno. Similar to Bicheno, it has orange-covered granite boulders. It’s one of the most popular conservation reserves in Australia with miles and miles of beautiful white sand beach. Unfortunately, we only had time for a quick look. My photos don’t justify the beauty of the place at all. I wish I could have better photo taking skills.



Launceston was our last stop of the trip. When we arrived in the afternoon, it was raining heavily. After checked in and unpacked our stuff, we decided to cancel the plan for the day. There was no other choice as a matter of fact. We ordered some food and a bottle of wine for the night. It was wonderful that we had some good mother and daughter time.

The weather cleared up the next day. After breakfast, we had a walk in the city. It was a lovely morning. The sun was shinning, and the birds were singing.ย Launceston is one of the oldest cities and only inland city in Tasmania. It’s also the second major city after Hobart. it’s noticeable that the architecture in Launceston is very diverse. Along with well-preserved Victorian and Georgian buildings, there are also many modern style houses.

The hotel we stayed was right next to the Cataract Gorge Park. It’s quite rare that a reserve is so close to the city centre, about 15 minutes walk. We followed the pathway along the South Esk River. It was built in 1890s along the cliff by volunteers. Such a beautiful place! We had our lunch at the First Basin which has a large green picnic area and a swimming pool.


After visited Cataract Gorge Park, we still had some time. We decided to check out the “Town of Murals”, Sheffield. It’s about 90km from Launceston. After we walked out the car park, there was a huge mural on the wall, called “The hardest years”. In the painting, three farmers were ploughing, sowing and harvesting. It represents the rural life around this area in early years.


Sheffield used to be a rural hub for the Mt Roland area. However, it started to have a declining economy after a boom period. Inspired by a Canadian town called Chemainus, Sheffield launched its own murals program. The program successfully gave this little town a new life. There are over 60 huge murals throughout the town on the walls of shops and buildings. There was an outdoor gallery as well. The paintings are amazing. Our time was very well spent there.

This is the end of our trip of Tasmania. It’s such a beautiful place. I am sure there are so much more to see. I wish we could have more time to explore. However, there is always next time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by. It’s Monday here. I wish you guys have a great week! xx






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