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Love at first sight, Bicheno, Tasmania

We had a stopover in Bicheno, and I fell in love right away with this place. We arrived in the holiday house we booked in the afternoon. Wild rabbits jumped away to avoid my car. There was a pond and a lot of green area in front of our room, duck mother was taking a stroll with her little ducks. 🙂DSCF8047

Bicheno is a little town on the east coast of Tasmania, about 182km from Hobart. If you leave from Hobart, there are plenty to see on the way, Wineglass Bay, Berry Farm, Marine Farm, and so on. We didn’t go to Wineglass Bay because it requires a lot of hiking. We stopped at Coles Bay to have a quick look and enjoyed fresh seafood lunch at the Freycinet Marine Farm.


Bicheno is really tiny. Its township was established in 1866. According to Wikipedia, it’s only about 151.1 kmwith population of 853. However, it has amazing wildlife, little/fairy penguins, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils and more. It also has some best diving spots in Australia. After settled in, we took the foreshore walk suggested by the hotel manager.

There are full of kelp-covered reefs. Some of the rocks on the beach are covered by orange lichen. Blue sky, white clouds, deep blue ocean and orange rocks made this place incredibly beautiful. There are benches on the rocks as well here and there. I saw old couples sitting there, holding hands and watching the sea. How romantic is that! I am deeply deeply in love!

I love every place we have been to in Tasmania. However, Bicheno was a very pleasant surprise. xx 🙂



  1. Amazing photos!
    I was just in Tasmania a few weeks ago for the first time – and had an amazing time!!
    Plus it snowed, so it was incredible!!

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