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Happy Mother’s day!

Mother’s day is just around the corner. I want to take the opportunity to wish all the mothers and mothers-to-be a very happy Mother’s day! Wish you enjoy a day full of love and happiness! xoxo

I have had this idea to write a short post about my mom for a long time. This is probably the best timing to do it. She has been a great mom to me. She encourages, inspires and supports me in my whole life. I feel very blessed to have her as my mom and my best friend. Well, I am not gonna talk about how she has been a good mother to me. I want to tell you a short story about her retirement. 🙂


My mom is probably the most hard-working woman I have ever known (no exaggeration there!). She has dedicated all her time to our family and her job. At the age of 70, she finally convinced herself it was the time to retire. We had a little talk before she made the final decision. She was very worried whether she would be able to find her life balance after she retired. It’s perfectly understandable that it could be very difficult after a life-long busy working life. We both have heard a lot of stories about people who have had hard time to adapt to their retirement life.


I discussed with my husband about this. We decided to get mom a painting set as her retirement gift because I vaguely remembered she was good at painting. She used to help me with my school art projects (mind your that was a long long long time ago). Anyway, we got her a watercolour painting set. She liked it and started experimenting. She tried water-colour painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, and so on. During the process, she found her love for drawing with pen and ink. Occasionally, she would also add some colours on her drawings.


I am not an expert for art or painting. I just love her works. More importantly, I am so proud that she found her love for art after she retired as an engineer. She will never stop inspiring me in my life.





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