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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Finally I have got some time to write about our trip of Tasmania. Because my mum is over 70 years old, I didn’t choose any places that we need to hike or walk too much when I planned this trip. We arrived in Hobart, then moved along the east coast of Tasmania and flew back from Launceston. I think I will break down this trip into several posts. Otherwise, it will be too much for just one post.

We arrived in Hobart around lunch time.  Although Hobart is Tasmania’s capital, the airport didn’t seem very busy. After we picked up our rental car, we drove to the B&B I booked in the city. That B&B turned out to be a horrible disaster. However, that will be a story for another day. After we checked in, we had a walk at the beautiful waterfront and took a cruise to see the Tasman Bridge.


MONA – Museum of Old and New Art 

MONA was on the top of list to see in Hobart. It’s really not your conventional museum. I have never been to a museum like MONA. If you don’t like modern art, you are probably gonna think it’s a weird place. I got that feeling when I talked to some local people. The museum is about 30 mins drive from the airport. If you go from Hobart CBD, you can also catch a bus or a ferry.



MONA is the largest privately funded museum in Australia, and it’s located in a winery. It’s fascinating and unusual. Upon arrival, we were suggested to walk down or take the lift down to the basement and start from there. You will not get a normal museum assisted listening device, but an Ipod instead. You can listen to the stories of the art pieces and interviews of artists.

The combination of the old and new art they choose to exhibit in the museum is very interesting. Why did I say that? You can find ancient Egyptian statues in the museum. There is also Aboriginal art. Then, on the second floor, you see a wall of porcelain molds of female genitalia which were actually from real women between age of 18 to 60 if I remember it correctly.  It really opens your eyes. It certainly got me rethinking about my concept of art.



To be continued… 🙂


    • Yeah. I love MONA! We had a great trip. There are some places we didn’t get to go this time. Hopefully we will have a chance to go next time. I really like it. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Karen. 🙂 Yeah, I finally got the time to write about it. There will be more posts coming for the next few weeks. xoxo

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