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The Blogger Recognition Award & TheCramm Blog Award

Hey guys, I hope you are enjoying the long weekend! I can’t believe it’s May already!

Two weeks ago, I was nominated by lovely Kali for two blogger awards, the Blogger Recognition Award and TheCramm Blog Award. I am so excited! A million thanks to Kali! This is my second Blogger Recognition Award and my first theCramm Blog Award. I am grateful for the love and support! I really appreciate it!

I enjoy reading Kali’s blog. She writes about fashion, beauty and life. I highly recommend you guys check out Kali’s blog, kaliborovic. You will love it.

blog recognition award2

Blogger Recognition Award 


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of blogging advice
  • Tag 15 others.

How my blog started:

It all started from my baking desire. I love baking and cooking. I wanted to record and share some recipes with others. When I was setting up the blog, I realised that I could share more things I love, like travel, beauty stuff and probably some thoughts about life here and there.

Advice to bloggers:

I am still reasonable new for blogging. I only started last year. I am still figuring things out. I can see there are a lot to learn. So I would say:

  • Be yourself. I think a personal blog is private and public. Be true to yourself. Otherwise, you wouldn’t like doing it for long.
  • Blog regularly and interact with your followers and other bloggers. Respond to comments on your post, like or leave comments on other bloggers’ posts if you like what you read or like to say something.

The cramm blog award

TheCramm Blog Award


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share three people and three things that motivate you to blog
  • Share how you will change the world
  • Answer the bonus question
  • Tag other bloggers.

3 Things that motivate me to blog:

  • My love for baking and cooking
  • My love for travel and beauty
  • I want to improve my photography skills if possible.

3 People that motivate me to blog:

  • My husband. He is a big supporter for everything I do. 🙂
  • Every single one of you. Thanks for stopping by say hi and reading my posts. I really appreciate it.
  • My best friend. She is also the one encourages me doing the things I love.

How I can change the world?

I believe in small things. For example, don’t leave litter behind when you have a picnic at park or anywhere, pick up after your dogs when you walk them, pick up the things falling from shelves in a supermarket, let a restaurant waiter know when you see someone spills their drinks/water on the floor, and so on. If everyone is more considerate and kind to other people in our lifes everyday, the world will be much better. So I try to do my best everyday.

Challenge Question from Kali:

If you had to pick another topic to blog about, besides the one your currently do, what would it be?

Home renovation, maybe. I feel that we have been doing home renovation for the past six years. We finished one in New Zealand. Then, we had to move to Australia. After we bought our house in Australia, we started the renovation again. It’s still going! Since we are doing pretty much everything on our own, it takes a long time. However, during the process, I learned so much, like which wall can be removed without affecting the house structure, how to choose paint colour (can be tricky!), what kind of tape you need for a wall crack, LOL. Quite interesting stuff!

Challenge question for nominees:

If you get to learn one skill overnight? What will that be? Why?

My nominations for both blogger awards:


  1. Thank you for nominating me 🙂
    I’ve already posted about these awards and I like to do them only once. I loved reading your answers! I agree with your advice about being yourself. It’s very true 🙂

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  2. Thank very much for nominating me 😍😍I really agree with u when u say small things can change the world! I always tell my boyfriend too ahha I always turn off the water in the shower when I use the shampoo (even if I freeze) or throw away plastic bottles and other stuff in the trash bin, never on the ground like many others do 😉 these small things are big things when u realize many others do the same 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words. I love your answers! So cool hearing that your husband supports you in blogging, and a home renovation blog would be so fun! xx.

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