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BareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm | Review

I went shopping with my mom few weeks ago. Although I didn’t have anything in mind, I still went in and tried few things (as usual) in our local Mecca beauty store. When I was trying the BareMinerals Buttercream lip gloss, these cute pretty lip balms caught my eyes. I ended up taking two with me home.

Somehow I cannot find this lip balm on BareMinerals website anymore. From Mecca’s website, it says it’s an oil-balm contains Vitamin E and passion fruit seed oil. It claims the formula hydrates and nourishes the lips.

I got the colour of Tangerine Pop and Nude Passion. Tangerine Pop is a bright orange/coral colour, while the Nude Passion is a neutral nude colour. I love both. Nude Passion is definitely like your lips but better. Tangerine is warm coral, which goes well on my tanned skin in summer.


I was impressed by the colour payoff. If I just apply once, it gives a hint of colour. If I want more colour on my lips, I only need to apply two or three times. Although it’s definitely not long-lasting, it leaves a pretty stain on the lips when the sheen is gone.

The lip balm applies smoothly. My lips feel hydrated at the beginning. However, I found it actually dries out my lips a little bit after few hours. Not too bad though. That being said, I do expect more from an oil-balm. I need to reapply to keep my lips moisturized. The good thing is you don’t need a mirror to reapply it. Just a swipe.

The Verdict:

I will keep using both, very handy as you go. I love both colours very much. They are really beautiful. The Tangerine Pop is really vibrant, and the Nude Passion is simply elegant. I would recommend to exfoliate your lips before using these balms in the morning if you have super dry lips.

Will I buy more colours or repurchase when I used them up? Probably not.


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