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Sweet memory of Santorini

Last week, I went to get a hair cut. As usual, I chatted away with my hairdresser. He told me he was planning their honeymoon to Europe this year. He has chosen Italy and Spain as their honeymoon destinations. So sweet and romantic! When he asked me where we had our honeymoon, I told him we went to few places in Europe. However, Santorini was my favourite.

All the sweet memories flooded back. When I got home, I started looking at the photos from that trip. I never planned to do a post for that trip since it was years ago. However, Santorini is a beautiful destination, honeymoon or not.

One thing is certain that you will never forget the breathtaking spectacular views once you have been to Santorini. The local told us many people cry when they see the sunset because it’s just so incredibly beautiful.




It was a hot summer, but we still happily spent hours on wandering around those little narrow alleys/streets on the island. Very often, we were surprised and awed by the unexpected beautiful sea view around the corner.


It’s a place to please your eyes. No matter where we go and what we do, sipping wine in the hotel balcony, drinking coffee in a small cafe, walking on the street, or dinning in the local restaurant, our eyes were always hungry for beautiful views and vivid colours.

We noticed there were many street cats in Santorini. Beautiful creature in a dreamy beautiful place.



  1. Santorini just looks wonderful 😍😍 Greece is worth than one trip! I hope your hairdressers will like Italy and spend a nice honeymoon here and in Spain 😊

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    • Thank you. I bet he will have a good time there.Italy is perfect for honeymoon. He has never been to Europe. I’m pretty sure he will love it. 😄

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    • Thank you. I hope you will go for a visit. It’s really beautiful. You will love it. 😊 Oh, I’m jealous now. I’m so far away from there…

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  2. Always a Foreigner says

    Amazing! Haven’t been, but as’s on my list. Your pictures are fantastic though.

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