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Digital break

Over the weekend, I realised I need new glasses. I became a little bit shortsighted after I finished two years online course years ago. However, it has become worse since then.

I have noticed I spend a lot of time on devices with screen every single day. I rely on them to organise my life, alarm and reminder on my phone, reading and writing notes on my iPad, writing and editing photos on my laptop.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not anti-anything here. Technology is great. Life has become so convenient because of it. We can do an entire university degree without leaving the house. We can board a domestic flight by using our phones only. We can access news and information so quickly and easily through our phone and tablet. We can do so many things with these devices that we couldn’t before, tracking our steps, having a digital diary, online shopping, watching videos, drawing, and so many other things.

However, my eyesight has become worse over the years. Spending so much time on looking at different screens is definitely one of the major reasons. I know I am not the most disciplined person in the world. I thought I should set some ground rules to help myself. Since it’s just the beginning of the year, I considered it as one of my new year resolutions.

  • One full-day digital break every weekend.
  • No digital devices in the bedroom. Just a real book.
  • Do not answer phone call or text messages while I have my meal. It’s the time to enjoy nice food and friends’/husband’s company.
  • Only check email twice a day.

I will try my best to stick to the rules. Hopefully, it will help to improve my eyesight a bit. 🙂

What about you? Have you ever considered to take a digital break?




  1. Good points! I think I’m guilty of checking texts during meals. I need to change that! :0 But ever since we started hiking once or twice a week, at least we have a day a week away from electronics. Love your resolutions!

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    • Thank you.😊 I love hiking too. Now we are doing a forest walk with our dog every weekend. It’s a good way for us to spend some time away from phones and tablets.

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  2. Actually my husband and I kind of did something like this. It wasn’t a whole day, but we chose one night that we didn’t turn the TV on or looked at our phones other than setting the alarm, and we would just eat dinner, talk, play card or board games, etc. It was so nice! We got out of the habit because, as with everything else, life gets in the way, but yeah! It’s such a great thing to notice and to know you need some time to unplug – whether a day or just a night a week.

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    • Yeah, totally agree. So nice to have someone’s full attention or give someone your full attention without any distraction. Enjoy whatever you are doing and each other’s company. 🙂

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