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Muji Cleansing Oil (sensitive skin)|Review

I am always a fan of cleansing oil. One of the reasons is that I have dry skin. I also like the idea of cleaning and massaging the skin at the same time.

Last year, when I was visiting my parents in Shanghai, I ran out of makeup cleanser. One day, I went shopping with my friend in Muji. I saw this cleansing oil for sensitive skin. Out of curiosity, I wanted to try it since I love both Shu Uemura and DHC cleansing oil.

I guess everyone knows about Muji these days. A lot of people rave about their storage products. Personally, I think they are pretty expensive. You probably can find a much cheaper version in Daiso. Well, certainly, not everything. Anyway, it’s just me.

I don’t remember the price I paid for this bottle since it has been a while. I heard it’s about AUD20 in Australia. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s a 200ml Cleansing oil for sensitive skin. From the photo, you can see that I have almost finished it. It has lasted me about half a year. I used it most of the days when I had makeup on.


The package is Muji’s minimalist style, a simple transparent plastic bottle with a pump. The oil has a yellowish colour (sorry, there is not much left in the bottle). It’s fragrance free, so there is no strong scent. It does have a little bit olive oil smell. To be honest, I don’t mind it at all. The texture is neither too thick or too watery.

Key Ingredients:

Clea Europaea (Olive oil)


My Experience:

  • Usage: I use 1 pump at night to remove my makeup before the second cleanser. I have one pump oil in my hand and massage the oil on my face and neck. After that, I use warm water to wash the oil off. The oil will become milky. It is washed off easily without any residue.
  • Texture: reasonable thick. I prefer thick oil. It’s great to massage the oil on your skin without pulling it.
  • Results: it removes all my makeup. The makeup comes off pretty easily. I am quite happy with it. I do need to work on my Stila Stay All Day eye liner. Otherwise, I haven’t had any problem to remove any makeup I had on the day.

The Verdict:

I like it. I will repurchase it. The oil removes my makeup easily without drying out my skin. I have no tight feeling on my skin afterwards.The skin feels clean and nourished. Given the quality and the price, I am happy to repurchase it.



  1. Claire Talks Beauty says

    i have extremely oily skin so this one will absolutely not suit me but i am glad it works for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • No. I haven’t, unfortunately. I think Muji has a store in Brisbane, but I haven’t been there yet.


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