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Rock & Ruddle hair brush |Review

I never thought I would love a hair brush this much. This one caught me by surprise. I went to catch up with a friend in a mall last week. After the coffee, we just wandered around in the shops. I came across this hairbrush in David Jones. The lady in the shop said her daughter loved this brush very much, and she had long hair. I thought I could have a new hair brush since I hadn’t bought one for ages.

From Rock & Ruddle website, it says the hair brush is made from natural boar bristles with one nylon strand in each tuft to separate and detangle the hair. The natural bristle helps to distribute the natural oil evenly along the hair and get rid of dirt and excess oil when you brush your hair. Sounds pretty good to me.


I have long straight hair, and I color my hair quite often. My hair is very soft and fine. I always hope I can have more volume and texture. I tried to perm my hair to achieve that, but it didn’t last long. Even my hairdresser doesn’t recommend it because my hair is too soft to make the curls last. 😦

Anyway, I never thought a good hair brush could make a difference. when I used this hair brush that night, I noticed and felt the difference instantaneously. What a nice surprise!

First of all, it did not pull or drag my hair. The whole process was quite soothing and relaxing. My scalp felt proper massaged. Secondly, my hair looked thicker and fuller after I finished brushing my hair. On top of that, my hair had a healthy shine. Even my husband noticed the difference. He even asked me if I had my hair done that day. I laughed and told him that I got myself a magic hair brush.


Overall, I think it’s a great hair brush. I love it. The design is adorable. I think the handle is plastic, but not cheap looking. The design is funky and more alive than the traditional dark color natural bristle hair brush look. I guess it really depends on our personal preference.  I am sure it makes my hair look healthier. I also find the hair brush is very easy to clean. The bristle pad can be removed to clean and click back into the brush.  The price in David Jones was AUD 64.95 for this one. They also have a smaller version available at AUD 44.95.



    • I think so. It’s great for hair in general, short or long. I bought one for my mom. She got short hair. She loves it. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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