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A short story of Leo

I have been really busy for the past few weeks. Lucky, I have all our three fur-kids to keep me company. We have two cats (Leo and Tigger) and one dog (Chico).  When Tigger and Chico joined our family, they were only 2 months old. Leo came much later.

Before Leo was adopted by my stepdaughter, he lived in a foster home with many cats and dogs until he was over one year old. Unfortunately, my stepdaughter’s circumstances changed not long after Leo was adopted. She asked if we could have Leo. That’s how Leo joined our family.

Leo is the oldest one among the three fur-kids. He is almost four years old now. Compare to Tigger, Leo was very wild when he just came. He didn’t like to stay inside and looked for any opportunity to escape. He trashed our toilet paper whenever he had a chance. When he was not happy, he would go pee on our bath mat and run away (naughty, naughty). These things didn’t worry us. However, he wouldn’t let us pet him. It was impossible to hold him or give him a cuddle. He didn’t like our attention either. He never approached us like Tigger does, jumped on our laps or rubbed against us. We could tell he felt so insecure. Any little noise made him jump.

After a year or so, Leo started to spend more time inside of the house with us. He didn’t run away after we fed him very often like before. However, he still wouldn’t allow us to pet him for long. If we insisted on giving him a cuddle, he probably tolerated us for 10 seconds. Then, he would just use his paws to push our hands away to get rid of us (it was really funny the way he did it.) Although he didn’t completely accept us, he was learning to be with us. He did less naughty things as well. Even my friends could see the changes.

It has been over two years since he first came to our family. He has learned a lot. He now jumps onto our laps and bunts his head against us more often than Tigger. He has learned to cuddle together with Tigger and Chico. When we cook in the kitchen, he will come to rub himself against my leg, then my husband’s. He has become so sweet and he is so attached to us.

Leo has done a great job. I guess he is much happier, and he feels secure at home. We have such a great time to have him around us. Just a little bit of patience, that was all he needed. 🙂





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