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Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

We made a last-minute decision to go to the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers last Sunday. After moving to Brisbane for over four years, we finally made it to the festival at the very last day.  The weather wasn’t very good, windy and rainy. We did get a little bit of the sun occasionally. Well, it’s the Spring. I am not complaining! We always love a road trip, even it’s a very short one. We get to talk about everything, from the home renovation, dinner plan to future travel plans, which involves a lot of good laugh. It might be rainy outside, but it’s always sunny inside of the car.

Toowoomba is located in the west of Brisbane, about 90 minutes drive. It is known as “the Garden city”, and it’s the biggest inland city in Australia. Some says the name is originated from the Aboriginal word of “The Swamp”. Its history can be dated back to 1827 when an English explorer discovered a rich farming land, Darling Downs. Toowoomba is considered as the commercial center of the Darling Downs.

The Carnival of Flowers festival is held in Toowoomba every September for 10 days. It started from 1949 to promote the economy after the war. After years and years, the festival’s attraction has grown bigger and wider. There are all sorts of events going on during the festival, music, wine tasting, dinner tour, farmers’ market, garden show, and floral design  competitions.

We went to the Queens park to see the floral show. The flowers were in full bloom. Walking around in the botanic garden, we were impressed by the stunning floral displays. The flowers were beautiful with amazing colors and variety. I’m so happy we decided to come.

Shortly after we arrived in the Queens park, it started to rain. So we went to have a visit at the Cobb&Co Museum for their carriages collection. The museum is just across road from the botanic garden. The collection is interesting and educational at the same time. I have learned a little bit about the gold mining history in 1850s. The legendary mail company, Cobb& Co, was established by four Americans in 1854 to transport the mail and carry the passengers in Australia and New Zealand.


Last stop was the Picnic point. The view is magnificent. It is the best spot to see the Lockyer Valley. Apparently, you can see all the way to Brisbane in a clear day. We took time to wander around. Just like the name, it’s a perfect place for picnic if you pack your own food. If not, I reckon you can always try the cafe. Although we didn’t try the food, the restaurant looks nice with huge windows and plenty of window seats. They sell gelato too (always a bonus, eh? :)). If you have time, a 45-minute stroll along the Pardalote walk is a perfect way to enjoy the view after the lunch.


View from the Picnic point

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