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Varna and Nessebar, Bulgaria – little jewels on the Black sea

Before I met my husband, I knew very little about Bulgaria. I knew the name and it is an eastern European country. That was about it. It had never been on my travel destination list before I met my better half. I still don’t know too much about the country since I only had two short trips there. What I do know is it is a beautiful country with a long history which is worth to visit.

Varna is the second largest city in Bulgaria, which is located on the Black Sea Coast. The beautiful beaches and resorts made it a very popular destination for Bulgarian and international tourists. It is certainly so nice to sit in a little restaurant on the beach, drink cold beer, eat freshly fried yellow tails and catch up with old friends. It was definitely the first time for me to see a 2L beer. I guess there is a lot of beer drinking going on in the Summer.  Apart from the beautiful beaches, there are also a lot of things to see in Varna, like the oldest gold jewelry in the Varna museum, the Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theater, The Cathedral, the art Nouveau mansion, and the Marine garden. It is so fascinating to find some ancient Roman remains around the corner when you  wander around in the city aimlessly. The Marine garden is my favourite part of the city. During the summer, it is so beautiful and full of life. We used to hold hands and walk in the garden every night after dinner to talk about our future, “When we are old and retired, we will do…”.

We had a day trip to Nessebar when I first visited Bulgaria. The little ancient town was about 2  hours drive from Varna. It is one of the oldest town in Europe, and it is called  a museum town. Walking down the street, there are old houses from 18th and 19th century with the unique Bulgarian Renaissance architecture style. They were built from stone and wood. In most of the cases, the first floor were built of stone and the second were built of wood (obviously, I am not an expert of architecture :P). Bulgarian churches and the Roman and Medieval walls are also worth to explore. Little cafes and restaurants are everywhere. You will find nice fish soup there if you are a “supa” person like me. If you ever go there, don’t miss the Sunny beach. The sand is golden and the water is so clear. 


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