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An old city, many stories

I had a short trip with my mum to Xi’an, China this Spring. I was so happy that I made it finally. It has been on my list for a very very long time. Finally, I have done it. The best of it was that mum agreed to join me, so we could have a little bit of mum and daughter time.

Xi’an was a capital for many dynasties in the long history of China. It is located in the northwest of China, which is the beginning of the Silk Road and the home to the Bing Ma Yong (The Terracotta Army). We visited the Terracotta Army museum. It was breathtaking. According to our museum guide, all the warriors are life size and hand molded. Each of the warriors has different face. They all look different! I am so impressed and amazed. I have been wondering how they achieved that in 201-209 BCE.  In the photoes, all the warriors are grey. However, they were not at the very beginning. All the warriors were painted in color when the archaeologists just opened up the tomb. However, the color just fell off after five minutes because of the oxidation. Unfortunately, there is no technology yet good enough to prevent the oxidation in the world.


We visited two museums there. There are so much to see, to remember and to be proud of.

As a food lover, I certainly wouldn’t miss the opportunity to try the local food. Do you know what are the sticks for in the pic (the one on the right top corner)? They are skewers for the lamb!

Xi’an is a beautiful city. I would like to go back again and take my husband with me. I know he will love it.




  1. aliz97 says

    Xi’an is certainly a beautiful and historically rich place… I just got back from a trip there last week, and it was so worth it (the lamb kebabs are soo good!) 🙂

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